Monday, July 26, 2021

No Taxation without Representation

I read an article about author and aspiring politician, J.D. Vance proposing that childless adults shouldn't have a vote and people who have kids should be allowed extra votes for each of their children because childless people aren't invested in the future of the company the way parents are. Okay, J.D. If I can't have a vote because I don't have kids, then you can't have my tax money. How about that??? No taxation without representation! The sheer ridiculousness that comes out of the mouths of people these days is astounding. Any idiot can run for office, I guess, even hillbilly ivy leaguers.  

Friday, July 16, 2021

Did No One See This Coming?

Try as I might to avoid the news, I can't help it these days. COVID rates are back on the rise across the country and my main question is did no one see this coming? Once the CDC told folks they could go without masks (well, fully vaccinated people anyway) and most states had 50% or less of their population fully vaccinated, COVID was bound to rebound! And, once you throw the Delta variant into the mix, it makes everything even worse. Did the CDC really think people who weren't vaccinated would continue to wear masks? Ridiculous. I really hope we're not heading for another shutdown. I also think that a lot of the decisions coming out now are based on economics and not science. Businesses want to fully reopen and corporations want people back in the office space they're paying to lease. Sure, many are willing to let employees continue working from home in the summer, but watch the tide change after Labor Day. 

Speaking of workers, despite my disappointing visit to Milwaukee last weekend, I did enjoy going to the Grohmann Museum while I was there. The museum has works dedicated to workers. I took a few pictures on the rooftop in the sculpture garden. 

RIP, Biz Markie. "Damn it feels good to see people up on it." Yes, it does, Biz.

Sunday, July 11, 2021


I went to Milwaukee this weekend for a quick visit because my sister suggested we visit the city since neither of us had ever been. I was up for it. Unfortunately, the city (at least the downtown part where we stayed) was underwhelming. It was like a ghost town. Very few stores and restaurants, deserted streets, blocks of empty store fronts. Oy! I wasn't sure if the city was so empty because of COVID or if it had been like that before the pandemic. The trip wasn't a total downer. I got to see the Bronze Fonz statue and the River Walk. I also did a ghost tour (that was a lot of fun) and visited the Grohmann Museum that was interesting. But I don't think I'd do a return visit to Milwaukee anytime soon. A coworker suggested I visit Madison and I may do that the next time I want a quick weekend getaway. Still, it was nice to get out of Chicago for a few days and not have to wake up to double-digit numbers of people getting shot overnight. 

Monday, July 5, 2021

Down Time

I have some time off this week from my day job (yea!) so I'm planning to do the following:

1. Read

2. Write

3. Watch TV

4. Sleep (daytime naps are great)

5. Go to the gym

I was reading four books at once, but now I'm down to three since I finished one last night. I read the every entertaining book Bath Haus by PJ Vernon in about two days. A good page-turner for the summer. 

I watched a documentary on Prime over the weekend called Tickled about some dude on Long Island who had fake online personas where he duped young guys into allowing themselves to be tickled on film. That was odd. I also watched a few episodes of a show called Bonding on Netflix about two college kids who are in the BDSM business. I took one look at these kids and found them totally unbelievable in the roles. The show is played for laughs and neither of the actors (the one playing the dominatrix nor the one playing her assistant) look like anything other than fresh-faced college kids. Totally unbelievable casting, totally unbelievable plot. I got through three episodes before bailing on that. Netflix really is throwing money at a lot of garbage trying to find something that sticks. I know they're trying to build up their library, but a lot of the shows and movies they're creating just aren't good.

 I'm planning to try and either resurrect the short story I've been working on for far too long or just make the decision to ditch it. I really want to get it together and not abandon it, but I need to make some decisions ASAP about that. It's time to move forward or move on to something else.

It will be nice to have a string of days where I'm not tethered to my computer for work. I want and need the down time. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

September and Earwigs!

I found out this week that my day job has given my office a September 20 return to work date. We've been working from home since last March and the WFH days will soon come to an end. I know many folks haven't had the luxury of being able to work from home and I know they probably won't have much sympathy for me, but I dread returning to the office. Getting back on public transit, using a community bathroom and kitchen...these things all depress me. Ugh. Well, I'd better try to enjoy the remaining weeks I have to work from home and take advantage of it.

In other depressing news, I've got earwigs in my place. They're somehow getting in from the outside and I don't like it. Ortho Home Defense to the rescue! I've never had earwigs in the nearly three years that I've lived here. I've been reading up on earwigs and they're probably moving indoors due to the dry weather we've been having lately. I see them around the back door of my building and they're clearly making their way inside. They need to pack it in and head back outdoors or face death by foot or Ortho. Ugh again and gross. When I was a kid, I would put on my gym shoes (yes, gym shoes, not sneakers--I'm from Michigan) and go outside to step on ants up and down the walkway of our house. As an adult, I don't seek out bugs to step on, but I do feel proper footwear is needed to squash bugs. I have to put on a shoe that will do the job. Not a flip flop or a house shoe. I need a good killing shoe and I make sure I have a pair handy to do the job.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Screenwriting? Nah.

I've been taking an online screenwriting class for the past few weeks through a local community college. I signed up for the course because I wanted to learn how to write a screenplay. I wanted to learn the format and what you need to know about the pacing, etc. I'm not planning to write a screenplay, but I wanted to know how to write one in case I decided one day to actually write one. Well, the class didn't go as planned. I'm actually still taking it, but almost done. It just didn't cover what I wanted to learn. Some of the lessons were helpful, but a lot of them involved the instructor posting messages about movies he liked that I hadn't seen (like Juno and MASH). The class just turned out to be kind of a disappointment, but it did convince me that I should probably just stick to writing books. I'm too old and too set in my ways to learn an entirely different format of writing. Maybe if I had been younger and took this up, I'd be more open to it. But now, nah. If someone ever wants to option one of my books for the screen, I'd be happy to sit back and let someone else write the script...probably.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Trying to Care

In my day job, I feel like people are constantly contacting me to do something, ask questions, give advice, solve problems, whatever and I'm often glad to provide assistance if I can. However, sometimes, I just feel like saying, "I don't give two fucks about this. Stop contacting me!" Of course I can't say that or I'd be out of a job (and I need my job), but I'm pretty burned out at the moment. I'll be taking some much-needed time off in a couple of weeks to decompress. 

It's hard to try and care about something that you don't care about. Right now, a lot of folks on my day job are wound up about returning to the office since we've been working from home since last March. Personally, I don't want to go back to the office for a variety of reasons. Yes, I'm fully vaccinated, but I don't want to sit in close quarters with folks all day with people who might not be vaccinated. And what about folks with young kids who can't be vaccinated? I also don't want to get back onto public transit. Ugh. I also don't really care for a lot of the people I had to share space with at the office. (Not folks I worked directly with, but another "team" on the other side of the floor. Ugh again.) I also like being able to use my own bathroom in my own home and eat from my own kitchen. The list goes on. However, if I'm forced to go back to being a commuter, then I'll do what I have to do or get another job that enables me to either work from home or work closer to home so I can drive and avoid public transit. But I said all of this to say that when someone complained to me recently about not wanting to go back to work and listed all the reasons why, I listened, but I didn't really care. I care about my own issues, but not so much about someone else's. Is that selfish? Sure, but Kim Davis is concerned about Kim Davis right now. Sorry...not sorry.

I'm also finding it hard to care about Lin Manuel-Miranda (overrated), In the Heights (not interested), Chrissy Teigan (irksome), the Royal Family (ugly inside and out), and many other things that seem to consuming the news cycle these days.